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Our first Projects focus on two barriers that we have witnessed delaying the improvements in energy efficiency in SMEs - staff knowledge and their available time.


The outcomes of these projects will be to increase the flow of staff trained in energy management as well as providing additional trained resource to help energy savings happen. By providing trained interns we can increase the available staff time and provide additional expertise so that SMEs are able to fully utilise the energy efficiency support available to them.

You know your business is wasting money, right?​

We would like to hear what you think about energy saving and have put together a short online survey.


This survey has been designed to be quick for a business to complete, 6 multiple choice questions, and your answers will help us develop our programme and improve the offering for future funders to support. 


You can complete the survey by clicking here .


We would welcome any feedback on how your company currently manages energy or how it would like to in the future. Please feel free to contact us.

Energy Interns

Building upon the supported training programme we are seeking to develop a programme that will support young people into the workplace and also provide SMEs with the time and resources to manage energy consumption.

Are you young? Do you want to develop skills relating to energy and environmental management? Have you got basic maths and science knowledge? If so, get in contact.

Bringing Energy Management to SMEs

Our first project brings the dark art of energy management to SMEs utilising a supported training programme for staff.


We provide a training programme tailored for SMEs which sets out the foundations of energy management, focuses on an identifies energy efficiency issue and then supports the business in activities to manage consumption and monitor performance.


We support the development of knowledge and help instigate simple measures to allow energy management to prove its worth and therefore become an integral part of the business' operations.

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