Oliver Ingwall King


I am an experienced energy and carbon management consultant that for a number of reasons ended up self-employed. As the clients came, and I started to think about the future, it was clear that if I was going to start working for myself it might as well contribute towards those greater goals – you know, world peace, saving the planet, the small things we all hope for.


You see, deep down, I still want to become an ecowarrior. The dream of a social enterprise started long way before my professional career and, like all things that start in your 20’s, it has taken time for the dream to mature and for my experience to help form a solid foundation to work from.


Now, after years of working in the public sector on domestic energy efficiency and renewable energy, more years delivering Carbon Trust funded carbon management projects with national and multinational companies, and then several more years working with small and medium sized businesses, I have decided that it is time to use these skills to create an organisation that will let me do the same stuff whilst creating income for more altruistic projects to address environmental degradation and mitigate climate change etc.


You can find more information me on my LinkedIn page or by getting in contact .


Oliver Ingwall King BSc MSc MIEMA

CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant



I am not alone, details of the organisations other Directors will follow shortly.