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1.5 Planets

Ecological debt

We are consuming more every year. The population grows and standards of living and life expectancy need to rise for everyone. We must get smarter, use less and respect limits of the world that we live in. Ecosystems are being irreparably damaged, species are under threat. One planet supports us all now and into the future.


There are Planetary Boundaries that need to be respected. One plant, one bank account of resources, one life support system. 


Planet is changing

With atmospheric carbon dioxide topping 400 parts per million (ppm) we are way above the 350ppm target or the 280ppm background levels before the industrial revolution.


Climate change is highlighted in government national security reviews and the highest threat for a nation. The major flooding events and changes in environmental conditions it is bringing are listed as Tier One threats in the UK and are to be dealt with on a par with terrorism, global instability, and cyber crime.


Now the 2015 Paris agreement has set out a globally agreed aim to hold temperatures rise to "well below" 1.5 degrees Celcius. An aim that is going to require a significant reduction in the ppm concentrations of all greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Climate change is happening, our world is evolving and therefore it stands to reason that our society needs to evolve too.

21st Century
Flying cars

We don’t care about flying cars anymore but we were promised a future full of amazing things. Whether led by governments, industry, communities or individuals, we have shown that exciting development that makes all our lives better is possible. The examples are out there and we just need to reach for them.


Smart phones, Smart Homes, Tesla batteries, Solar Impulse, Concentrated Solar Power, Uruguay and Denmark renewable energy, Third Industrial Revolution.


Refugees welcome.


Costa Rica's Happy Planet Index.


Organic produce demand.


An 85% reduction in plastic bags in the UK in one year. Products made to be reused and never thrown away – Nylon, cradle to cradle, circular economy.

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