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We use our skills and experience to help you achieve the change that you want to see in the world. We will help you research the issue, find examples of the solutions already implemented, establish the need, engage with your community, develop the business model and make it happen.


If it's already up and running, then let us partner up. If it is new, then let us spread the word. 

It is all out there all we have to do is start the journey.


ÄlskaECO is born out of our love for our planet and its ecosystems. We believe that deep down all of us has an in-built love for our environment. Get a group of people together, put on a wildlife documentary and 90% of us will be transfixed. Wilderness, landscapes, animals, nature. It isn’t everyone’s day-to-day focus but deep down it is common in all of us. 

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