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ÄlskaECO Community Interest Company is an environmental advocate[i], delivering projects and providing support and consultancy services. Our goal is to educate, demonstrate and motivate people, communities and businesses to reduce humanity’s environmental impacts and move us towards a sustainable one planet living[ii] society. This means we work within our community to develop and deliver projects addressing issues relating to energy, waste, transport, purchasing, and ecosystem management.



[i] Environmental advocacy can be defined in many ways, for us, it shows that we will work across in all of society's arenas to affect change. Here is a link that explains some of our motivations

[ii] One Planet Living originally defined by Bioregional and WWF whose Living Planet Reports give quantification of the Earth's current status

'Educate, Demonstrate and Motivate'




We use our skills and experience to help you achieve the change that you want to see in the world. We will help you research the issue, find examples of the solutions already implemented, establish the need, engage with your community, develop the business model and make it happen.


If it's already up and running, then let us partner up. If it is new, then let us spread the word. 

It is all out there all we have to do is start the journey.


ÄlskaECO is born out of our love for our planet and its ecosystems. We believe that deep down all of us has an in-built love for our environment. Get a group of people together, put on a wildlife documentary and 90% of us will be transfixed. Wilderness, landscapes, animals, nature. It isn’t everyone’s day-to-day focus but deep down it is common in all of us. 



Our first Projects focus upon barriers stopping improvements in energy efficiency in SMEs – knowledge and time.


We are aiming to increase the skill of the workforce, train up those about to enter the workforce and encourage businesses to take on trained and supported energy management interns to give the business additional staff resource to make savings happen.

You know your business is wasting money, right?​

We would like to hear what you think about energy saving and have put together a short online survey.


This survey has been designed to be quick for a business to complete, 6 multiple choice questions, and your answers will help us develop our programme and improve the offering for future funders to support. 


You can complete the survey by clicking here .


We would welcome any feedback on how your company currently managed energy or how it would like to in the future. Please feel free to contact us.



One step at a time.....

We will give our time to help you make the most of your ideas. If we can help develop the project then we will have taken the first step.


We can help train you, help you make your home more efficient or work with you to get an eco idea off the ground. Just get in contact

ÄlskaECO was born from energy and carbon management consultancy. We can help you make sense of the energy and environmental challenges and set out a clear path to achieve the opportunities ahead.


As a community group, there is nothing that you can not achieve. We will dedicate our time to help you clarify your goals and map out the path to achieving them. From community energy to growing spaces.

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